Saturday, May 11, 2013

Imelda Marcos is a shoe in

Imelda Marcos (84) was the wife of former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos ousted from power twenty-seven years ago. The famous shoe collector is however back on the political campaign dazzling voters with her bouffant hairstyle, oversized jewelry and big talk in a bid to keep her seat in Congress. She is widely expected to win in congressional polls. The lady has never shown any remorse for her past and against all the odds succeeded in orchestrating the rebirth of a political dynasty tainted by allegations of corruption and abuse during her husband's rule. Despite her reputation for extravagance, including expensive shopping trips and lavish beautification projects in a nation where a third of about 94 million live on $1 a day, Marcos twice ran unsuccessfully for president and won seats in the House following her return from exile. She is currently campaigning for a second of a maximum three terms to represent Ilocos Norte, a vote-rich agricultural region where many are fiercely loyal to the late dictator because of the money he poured into development. The Marcoses are among the most prominent of at least 250 political dynasties or families that have monopolized power across the Philippines. Such dynasties are prohibited under the 1987 constitution, but Congress which is long controlled by members of powerful clans targeted by the constitutional ban has failed to pass the law needed to define and enforce the provision.

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