Friday, May 03, 2013

Learning to tie your shoes: the forgotten skill

According to children today learn how to operate complex technology long before they know how to tie shoe laces. A new UK report shows few youngsters master the art before the age of six. Some continue to be unable to tie their laces until they get to nine or ten years old. Thirty years ago children as young as four were able to tie shoelaces but changes in shoe design and footwear fashions means the skill is no longer essential until much older. Many schools require children to wear uniforms which include Velcro or buckle shoes. Sales figures from the online retailer like show slip on children's shoes and those with Velcro straps now dominate the children shoe market until the age of six. Casual styles like Ugg boots, ballet pumps, sandals and Crocs dominate the mini fashion charts, with traditional lace up styles now confined to trainer, Converse and a few traditional school style shoes. The popularity of laced up shoes increases slowly at seven and again accelerate when children reach eight years old. Shoes with laces only become universally popular however between the ages of nine and ten, when many children are playing sports. Overal girls tend to master the art of shoe tying at least one year before boys.

Show Me How: Shoe Tying

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