Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bran Nue Leg

Bran Nue Leg

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most rapidly increasing illnesses in Australia, and statistics in the Indigenous Kimberleys are extreme. If you're Indigenous you're seven times more likely than a non-Indigenous Australian to contract diabetes, and 38 times more likely to require the subsequent amputation of a limb. And 98% of amputations are diabetes-related. While Type 2 diabetes can't be cured, it can be prevented. So Perth podiatrist Debbie Schoen and Broome entertainer Stephen 'Baamba' Albert, himself a diabetic amputee, decided word had to get out. This film, aimed at the increasingly younger 'At-Risk', covers living healthy to avoid the consequences of falling into diabetes. A documentary companionpiece for people already living with diabetes (now editing) will address in greater depth the issues touched on in this film.

Bran Nue Leg from Nigel Abbott on Vimeo.

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