Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gold Shoes: For the feet with everything.

For those obsessed with all gold everything like rapper Trinidad James you can now buy 24-carat gold Nike sneakers, or even a pair of $19,000 gold shoelaces.

In the same rich vein nowAlberto Moretti has made the first wearable pair of 24-carat gold shoes. Ladies can have a pair of heels, and there are loafers for men.

The midas shoes are covered in velvet and drenched in 24-karat gold. The golden shoes were created in collaboration with HORO , a brand that made gold leaf T-shirts. The footwear will be available for purchase exclusively at five places around the world: Barneys in New York, Fred Segal in L.A., the Swank in Hong Kong, Level Shoe District in Dubai, and Harrods in London. The cost is only $2,650 (or 2,000 euros) per pair. Wealthy celebrities clamber to wear Moretti footwear, including: Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Chastain, and Ryan Gosling.

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Sabrina Angelica Caroline said...

wow! fancy really, I do not think the Gold Shoes fetch thousands of dollars ..