Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heel Condoms: the ultimate shoe accessory

Sandrysabel Ortiz (Shoe Square Inc) is a young Puerto Rican designer and entrepreneur who came up with new innovative shoes accessories to glamorise shoes and give new life to worn high heels. The two different styles available are Panty style which to fit all heel types; and Condom style to protect and decorate the heel portion of your shoe. This style fits thin heels ranging from 2-5 inches. These shoe accessories are simply slipped over the heels and held with an elastic band under the foot or tied around the ankle. Well loved heels can be renewed and shies accessoried in minutes with Heel Condoms. The reversible covers start at $10 and go all the way up to $40 for cloth models. A new line will go on the market soon for brides and bridesmaids.

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