Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hi heels are bad for you: Shoe police at it again !

According to a recent survey in the UK it seems to take one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds for high heels to hurt the feet. By contrast dancing shoes pinch after ten minutes. Not sure of the difference and would love to find out how they were able to time it out with such accuracy. Up to a third of the people who completed the survey (2000 surveyed) admitted to dancing barefoot and or walking home bare footed ith high heels in hand. One third wore shoes smaller than their feet and many had blisters, bunions, cracked heels and corns. Most people were ashamed of the size and shape of their feet. The average woman owned 17 pairs of shoes approx twice as many as the typical male.

Footwear has long been the basis of medicalisation since the 18th century but to date remains misogynistic and baseless.Surveys are by their very nature fraught with error and baseless extrapolation only compounds matters. There is no clear independent evidence to support shoes is a direct cause of major foot pathology. Ill fitting footwear may contribute as an exciting factor and matching inappropriate footwear to prolonged physical activities is likely to result in acute trauma. Depending on many other factors including pain threshold some people suffer in the short term but there after the jury is still out.

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