Friday, June 21, 2013

Light Wing shoes

Light Wing shoes are new ultra lightweight shoes (150 grams (5.3 oz) for single shoe of size US men's 11) made by Test Laboratory (UT.LAB) from DuPont's Tyvek . DuPont's Tyvek is a spunbonded fabric made from high density polyethylene fibres. It has a look and feel similar to paper, and is created in sheets. Unlike paper the material has rugged tear resistance, a higher strength to weight ratio and moisture resistance. Over 500 shoe prototypes with various materials weretried before finally settling for the faux paper. Tyvek shoes are light weight, breathable with paper-like printing capabilities and rugged durability. Tyvek is durable but will wear out pretty quickly if used on high-contact parts of the shoe like the outsole. Like any other shoe, the Light Wing uses a combination of materials designed to provide the best mix of low weight, durability and function. The upper is made from Tyvek, the outsole is made from a lightweight URT foam-rubber, the laces are waxed cotton, and the insole is made from POLIYOU foam. The special ink and printing processes mean the shoes can be washed without losing their colour. UT.LAB plans to produce a limited run of 2,013 pairs of Light Wing Pencil shoes. All of the initial 1 through 109 numbered editions have sold out on Kickstarter.

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