Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sun-San Sandals were a wartime innovation

Sun-San Sandals (Salt waters) was created during World War II by Walter Hoy as a way to cope with leather shortages. He used the scrap leather left over from the production of military boots to make robust footwear for kids. More than 70 years on the sandals are still popular with children all over the world. War time rationing of leather shoes was originally enforced in the US in 1943 and allowed each adult and child to purchase just three pairs a year. Twelve months later shoes were rationed to just two pairs per person per year and rationing continued until October 1945. Designated Ration Book stamps were issued to ensure there were no exemptions. The sandals were originally produced by the Hoy Shoe Company in St Louis, Missouri and they made their hardy footwear from durable leather, rubber soles and rust-proof metal buckles. Salt Water Shoes were ideal for kids rough and tumble absolutely perfect for the beach wear.

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