Tuesday, July 09, 2013

LaceLocker® Is Easy To Use

Loose laces may be a sign of youthful rebellion but for most retying them can be a tiresome event and for others an accident waiting to happen. After Carol "Stash" Stanley suffered the indignity of a painful fall when she tripped over loose shoe laces. She decided to do somethng about it and herself and Kevin Cashel came up with the idea for LaceLocker®. The patent pending device “locks” shoelaces into place and is currently available in silver, black, neon green, hot pink and lady bugs. According to the manufacturers they can even be customized for schools and large organizations. The LaceLocker® can store small objects such as a key or folded note for diner money. It also has the potential to hold the computerized chip for runners are joggers. LaceLokers retail at $9.95 per pair and to date 1,500 pairs have been sold. LaceLocker® donate a percentage of each sale to help fund a scholarship for children who otherwise are unable to afford to go to college.

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