Thursday, July 04, 2013

Sole to soul: solestry

The mysteries of the metatarsals have long held fascination. Sole divination (solestry or podomancy)held great interest to the ancient Chinese and at least one Emperor commissioned a massive collection of encyclopaedia which consisted of 5,020 volumes.

The UK’s leading foot reader is Jane Sheehan and she believes feet give key insights into the personality and emotions of their owner. According to Jane from Milton Keynes every line, lump, bump and oddity provides a window to the soul. The foot reader took up the calling after she visited a reflexologist and when the therapist touched her big toe, Jane burst into tears. She became intrigued and spent the next year studying reflexology to find out more. Seems Jane’s therapist had been massaging areas that prompted an involuntary response to the sadness she was feeling at the time about being made redundant. Jane's studies then led her to meet an Indian foot reader who'd studied a mind-boggling 5,000 people's toes to discover how different shapes, sizes and angles reveal a person's character. Jane took his 'toe alphabet', added Chinese methods for reading other parts of the feet, and together with her reflexology training began her career of sole searching. Now a celebrated foot reader she reads the soles of the rich and famous as well as giving presentations and workshops. In accord with solestry the right foot illustrates a person’s past, and the left reveals what's happening at the moment. Long straight toes indicate creativity and when the second toe is longer than the rest the person has leadership qualities. Buckled toes may infer people are likely to misunderstand what the person has said and/or are manipulative getting others to do something without them realising they are doing it. The pinky toe when small indicates a childlike sense of fun. When it wiggles independently of the others the person is adventurous and dislikes routine. Big feet people crave attention and high arches are a sure sign of independence. People with thickened nails may have something to hide and cracked heels suggest the person has obstacles in their life they must overcome. And there’s more, so much more Jane has authored several books on the subject including: 'Let's Read Our Feet!' and 'The Foot Reading Coach.'

Imre Somogyi is the president of the Foundation for Fundamental Dactylogical Reading (FuDaRe) and he too believes shape and position of toes reveal a person’s personality. In 1991he wrote “Reading Toes” which forms a guide to the analysis of personality and behaviour. According to Somogyi reading toes also helps detect physical blockages and energy patterns. Imre has also co-authored “Reading Baby Toes: What Your Baby’s Toes Know That You Don’t ,” with his wife Margriet. In conjunction with Ducom Consultancies the Fundamental Dactylogical Reading (FuDaRe) foundation offer a computer program to help self analysis.

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