Sunday, August 25, 2013

High heels: Walk tall, walk safe and put comfort first

Some advice on how best to wear high heels and passed on in good faith.

Always have the feet measured and fitted to the shoes.
Unnecessary movement or crushing in a shoe can cause damage and discomfort. The same style in the right size should never cause a problem. Wherever possible have your feet professionally measured or alternatively do it at home. A simple way is to stand on a piece of paper and get someone to draw around the foot. Cut out the foot templates and use them to test foot in the shoes.

Opt only to wear high heels of an appropriate height.
The right height for you varies depending on the style of the shoe, the shape of your foot and your own height. The key is not to wear high heels higher than is comfortable. A good way to determine this is to stand straight up in your heels and lift as high up on your toes as you can. If you are unable to lift the heels at least half an inch off of the floor then the heel height is too high.

Heel width
Choose heels wide enough for support. The narrower the heel (i.e. stilettos) the less ground contact. The broader the heel-base then the great stability it gives to each step.

Vary your shoes regularly.
Well worn (well loved shoes) can become unstable and so it makes sense to wear several pairs. Pays dividends to have your favourite shoe repaired regularly.

Increase foot comfort.
To optimise comfort wear socks or stockings with your high heels. Attend to any cuts or lesions on the feet and always choose quality cushion products such as insoles or gel inserts.

Walk tall and put comfort first
Hold your head up and stand straight when walking in high heels. Don't ignore warnings and as soon as the heels hurt take the shoes off and give them a rest. Always have a backup plan with handbag slippers to the ready. Always put comfort first, only wear high heels for short periods and if you have problems in high heels choose another shoe style.

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