Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Neat Zori

New Zealand based Neat Feat have designed a sports-orientated, ergonomic soled slip-on made of high-quality rubber, with a V-shaped thong that sits between the big toe and the rest of the foot to keep the slip-on securely in place. The Neat Zori is a modern sport version the traditional Japanese thong Zori. According to the manufacturer the Neat Zori takes all the advantages of an accommodative orthosis (i.e. heel cup, arch and metatarsal support) and transforms it into a supportive flip-flop. Claims are also made the shoes are ideal for lower back pain sufferers and people who suffer from sore joints. The shoes can be worn around the house and are ideal for outdoors. Available in tan/black and red/white, sizes 6-12and are unisex.

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