Monday, August 19, 2013

Shoe tree on Highway 87

On the side of Mount Ord on Highway 87 there was a shoe tree. Over the years people have added dozens of pares of shoes, some new and other well loved. Recently the trunk of the dead tree snapped and the branches flopped to one side. No one is quite sure if the tree was deliberately vandalaised or had naturally fallen. Authorities collected all of the shoes and stored them to see if anyone collected them. After no one came forward the authorities did considered donating the shoes to a charity, but the shoes were very tattered and worn after being exposed to the weather elements for some time. The complete collection was thrown away. Locals keen to keep up their shoe tree tradition started a new shoe a few miles down the road. Shoe trees can be found in many of the states in the US (at least 76) but no one knows why strangers like to leave their footwear on the trees.

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