Sunday, September 22, 2013

Carlsberg makes simply the best koozies in the world

They do anyway according to Akemi, the gentoo penguin at the Calgary Zoo. When her feet became infected with bumblefoot, a common bacterial infection in captive birds, zoo keepers noticed she was in pain and had developed ulcers. Her labored walking and inactivitity led to her becoming obese but when they ordered standard penguin boots these proved too large for the bird. Lateral thinking solved the problem and when Beer koozies were substituted the bird showed instant improvement. The koozies have a zipper up the side and are also fixed around Akemi's ankles using duct tape. Akemi wears through her new boottees in a week and she never fusses over them or tries to pry them off her feet. The koozies are donated by Carlsberg. Akemi will continue to wear her penguin beer cozie shoes until her feet have completely healed.

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