Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 'new' Walkie Talkies

Recycling old phones, discarded every year, has become a major enviroemental issiue. O2 Recycle estimates that there are already 70 million unused mobile handsets in the UK and there are an additional 30 million new phones sold annually. O2 Recycle is part of the O2 Think Big environment initiative, which offers up to £260 in exchange for old phones, tablets, MP3 players, handheld consoles, digital cameras and SatNavs. The scheme is available to O2 customers and non-customers alike and will match the price offered by other recycling schemes for old gadgets. All money raised from the recycled phones goes into the Think Big fund, which invests in worthy new projects.

In the Talk to the hand project artist Sean Miles has created a series of wearable technology art pieces using discarded mobile phone compentents sent in by O2 Recycle customers. He built them into vintage clothing to create fully functional phones that double as pieces of desirable art.

The Walkie Talkie performs exactly as a normal phone would with the keypad incorporated into the sole of each shoe. He also made screen phone clutch bags, shoes and gloves.

He also took Miu Miu gloves and customised them with an old mobile phone speaker unit embedded in the thumb and a microphone built into in the little finger. The range of upcycled products, which includes clutch bags worth £1,000 will be on display in 02 stores from October.

Before you recycle your phone make sure you've deleted all of your personal data

Some retailers offer a service that enables you to return your old phone for nothing - and some will even pay you for it.

And some councils run electrical waste schemes - but they might charge you for collection.

O2 Recycle pays cash for recyclable items and accept phones, tablets, MP3 players, handheld consoles, digital cameras and SatNavs

Networks like Freecycle help you give away your phone to a new home.

Computer Aid International sends used computers and other gadgets to developing countries.

The UK Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive ensures that stores selling electrical goods take back your old goods on a like-for-like basis

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