Sunday, October 06, 2013

Vacuum shoes

Hoover shoes was a term coined during the Great Depression when many people faced cruel hardships and were forced to wear the same pair of shoes until there were holes in the soles. These became known as Hoover shoes which was a satirical reference to the then President Herbert Hoover who had promised the US electorate all would be well. Seems rather ironic, at a time of similar hardship, vacuum shoes should make an appearance.

Indonesian designer, Adika Titut Ttriyugo has build "Foki vacuum shoes" with a vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust as you walk around your house. There are two rotary cleaners underneath each shoe to sweep up dust and kill bacteria. Cordless there is a LED display on the side to indicate battery levels. The designer claims vacuuming with the "Foki shoes" requires no extra effort and saves time. You just put them on in the morning and by the end of the day, your floors and carpets will be clean.

Electrolux. Have been developing vacuum shoes for several years . Their prototype shoes had an electric motor in one shoe and and the dust repository in the other. The vacuum shes are still in the development stage

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