Saturday, November 23, 2013

Noritaka Tatehana: The Daughters Exhibition

Noritaka Tatehana is the well know Japanese shoe designer who famously handcrafted towering sculptural footwear, sans heels, for Lady Gaga. So impressed was she, the diva reputedly now owns 25 pairs of his shoes.

Tatehana has now opened a new art gallery in Tokyo called Pocket alongside a new branch of hip Tokyo shoe shop T6M. The foci is to showcase young Japanese artists and designers. Exhibitions will change every three months, starting with inaugural show “The Daughters” – the same name as Tatehana’s high-profile new sneaker collaboration with Japan’s celebrated sports footwear designer, Yoichiro Kitadate.

The show will include poster-themed artworks by komtena, an illustrator and graphic designer renowned for his intricate mechanical motifs, and Kato Nobuki , the Hiroshima-born manga artist.

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