Monday, December 02, 2013

Elvis's blue suede shoes for sale

These are the only known pair of blue suede shoes owned by Elvis in existence. Elvis owned them for four years before he gifted them to his best man and roadie Joe Esposito during a wardrobe clear-out after returning from duty in the US Army in 1960. In 1994 they were bought by museum owner Chris Davidson who put them on display at his Elvis-A-Rama institution in Las Vegas. The size 10 brogues blue suede shoes are going up for auction in Los Angeles on Dec. 6 and are expected to fetch $80,000 during the sale by Julien's Auctions. The King ordered them specially after his 1956 song "Blue Suede Shoes" shot up the charts, making for one of the most memorable songs of his career. The shoes come complete with blue laces and gold grommets. The highest bidder will also receive a 1956 letter from the manager of Presley's wardrobe supplier. It includes a request from Nudie's Rodeo Tailors for Presley's clothing and shoe sizes.

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