Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zhang Fuxing likes heavy shoes

Zhang Fuxing (52) is a Chinese factory worker who believes walking in huge iron shoes weighing more than 440 pounds can cure back pain and haemorrhoids. He calims the strength to wear the heavyweight footwear comes from the Chinese spiritual martial art of Qigong. It took him over a minute to take 10 paces, but he claims to walk up to 50 feet each day in the shoes, which he has gradually increased in weight. Zhang believes his shoes to be the heaviest in China, but admits that competition from a number of other eccentrics renders his claim uncertain.

Zhang Zhenghui is from Changsha and shares a Guinness World Record for walking 10 metres backwards in heavyweight iron boots. Zhenghui owns gold painted weighing 200kg shoes. Lai Yingying is an entertainer who also wears heavy shoes (300kg) and runner, Liu Mei, took to exercising in metal footwear after growing bored of tying sandbags onto his trainers,.

Zhang Fuxing will make you a pair of weighted metal footwear in his small factory near his hometown in the northern city of Tangshan. He sells them online. A snazzy red pair weighing 22 pounds each costs 550 yuan ($90), while the heaviest, at 132 pounds, sell for about $235.

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