Friday, January 31, 2014

Ocean Sole: Up cycle dirty old flip flops

In Kenya beaches are littered not just with broken and battered domestic varieties but with flip-flops from all over the world. Branded flip-flops turn up on Kenya's east-facing shoreline from the Middle East, South Asia and Australasia. Ocean Sole takes tonnes of dirty, discarded and damaged flip-flops and turns them into animal ornaments and jewellery. Ocean Sole ‘s sales have tripled in the last year as more and more of the world’s famous zoos and aquariums buy her sculptures. Ocean Sole's production manager, Idah Marangu, has just overseen the manufacturing of nearly 200 plastic bison for an American bison association. Distinctive bright stripes run the length of the stocky little body, which was a challenge for her team of artisan carvers, who are used to African safari animals. The next challenge for Ocean Sole is to "up-cycle" dirty old flip-flops to produce shoes from shoes.

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