Sunday, February 23, 2014

Barefoot for charity

Richard Hudgins is by day a hair stylist but he has stripped off his shoes and socks and is going barefoot for a full year to raise money for shoeless children. Shoeless since early December, he has nearly made it through a brutal Kentucky winter that featured several days of snow, ice and single-digit temperatures. Hudgins wants to raise $25,000 in donations by year's end and then take the money to Narok, Kenya, where children need uniforms and shoes to go to school. So far he has raised nearly $4,000. If Hudgins reaches his goal, it would buy durable shoes for more than 800 kids. Hudgins said he got the bare feet idea from Toms shoe company after it challenged customers to go a day without shoes. Donors are also sending him boxes of brand new shoes, about 70 so far. Hudgins said he is planning to donate those to kids in Kentucky.

The Kentuicky hair stylist isn't the first person to go barefoot for charity. The Charlotte, N.C.-based nonprofit Samaritan's Feet annually asks coaches, including University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, to shed their footwear to raise awareness and funds for shoeless children around the world.


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