Saturday, May 03, 2014

American trainers only: You're in the army now !

In 1941 the Berry Amendment was passed in the US which was to promote the purchase of American-made goods. The amendment was updated in 2006 to require the US Department of Defense to buy American but it seems with all manufacture of sport shoes offshore there were no shoes available whose components were entirely made in the United States. New Balance has come up with a prototype that would comply with the Berry Amendment. New Balance remains the only major manufacturer that makes shoes in the United States. The Pentagon may soon require all military recruits to purchase their athletic shoes made in North America. Currently the Department of Defense allows military recruits to buy their own athletic shoes with an allowance it provides them. A new rule issued recently would require that allowance is to be spent on athletic shoes made domestically. This policy change will ensure that the Armed Services are not dependent on foreign sources for essential basic training needs and will significantly help support the U.S. supply chain for American-made shoes. It should be noted that several other shoemakers have now notified the Pentagon, letting the folks there know they want to start making wholly American-made shoes that would pass Berry Amendment muster.

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