Friday, May 16, 2014

History under your feet: 3000 years of shoes: New Exhibition Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

History under your feet: 3000 years of shoes is a special exhibition at Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel and is devoted to that everyday object that for millennia has served to protect the soles of men, women and children. In collaboration with the Northampton Shoe Museum in England, home to the world’s largest collection of historical shoes, this exhibition of over 250 pairs of shoes takes you on a journey through the footwear fashions of the last 3000 years. In addition to its purely protective function and its importance for many people as a fashion item, throughout history the shoe has also been connected with social status and membership of particular social groups. In ancient Egypt, only pharaohs were allowed to wear sandals made of silver or gold. The oldest shoe in the exhibition comes from Egypt, and dates from around 1000 BC. In the meantime, the shoe has also become a subject for the art world, and more than 20 artists from across the globe have made their artistic shoe creations available for the exhibition. Shoes from the designers of tomorrow also offer visitors a taste of the future. The exhibition runs from 18th October 2014 - 6th April 2015

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