Friday, May 30, 2014

Leg Asymmetry: Limb Length Discrepency

Nearly three quarters of the global population has a form of leg length discrepancy (LLD). Most people never notice and the majority have no drastic issues with LLD. Most people have a small difference in length and the body naturally compensates to allow walking within normal limits. Larger differences result in pronounced changes in walking resulting in a noticeable swing to the shorter side. Aging and osteoarthrosis may cause secondary discomfort in the knee, occasional hip pain, and annoying lower back pain. When the difference in leg length is small within 2 cm shoe inlays (foot orthoses) can help but when the difference is greater only a shoe modification such as a mid sole addition will make up the difference. In the case of more pronounced differences then surgical intervention and surgical footwear may be required.

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