Saturday, August 09, 2014

Men and their feet

Men are less likely to spend more than a cursory glance at their feet. What more little is ever spent by men on foot grooming products which further demonstrates males’ aversion to their pedal extremities. Women it appears are far more attentive but also well groomed feet rather attractive in their partner of choice. Well pedicured nails prevent holes in the socks and save damage to expensive bedding as well as stop embarrassing skin scrapes. Cutting nails is never easy for adults and the more out of condition you are the more problematic. Always easier to get someone else to do it but the thought of a man showing his feet to a stranger is not one most males relish. When left with a do it yourself jobs always choose good quality tools which give clean cut edges. Wait till after your bath or shower and cut the toe nails squarely across the top, rather than curving the edges. Trim neatly leaving the toe nails about the level with the end of each toe. Dry skin responds well to moisturising creams and should be regularly applied. Microscopically water is the secret ingredient which allows old (dry) skin to separate from the new skin beneath. Foot creams come in a variety of types but for best results anything you would use for the face or hands will suffice. Skin scrappers like a puma stone or smooth sandpaper (when wet) will help to safely dislodge rogue and dry skin which accumulates around the heel or on the ball of the foot. Mini-sanders for feet are now available but offer little mechanical advantage over a puma stone. Much attention has been paid recently to onychomycosis or nail fungal infection. Breakthrough in the way active ingredients, such as antifungal agents, can be taken through the skin and nail has quietly revolutionised treatment for fungal infections. These over the counter preparations are very expensive however and should only be used after the fungal infective agent has been identified by laboratory examination. Your GP or podiatrist can painlessly take the scrapings and arrange analysis. When the proper antifungal medication is used, symptoms of fungus can clear up quickly but it is important to keep treatment going otherwise the infection may return. If you have any concerns see a foot health professional (podiatrist).

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