Thursday, September 04, 2014

Joyce de Gruiter has a new collection of Shoe Sculptures

Love is a Bitch (Red Lace, knife, size: h. 32 x d. 20 x w. 8 cm)

Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned,
Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned.

William Congreve (1670-1729)

A woman rejected in love can be very dangerous and nasty, love and hate are closed together. The softness of the lace turned into hard surface with the knife ready to cut, gives a strong erotic feeling.

Sweet Hurts (Black Lace, knife, size: h. 28 x d. 22,5 x w. 9 cm )

Happy Moments (Wood, mixed media, gold-leaf 22,5 krt. Size: h. 62 x d. 24 x w. 10 cm)

Favorite ice and cake flavors of the designer. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and pistachio, on top a big piece of chocolate cake for the Happy Moments.

Durian Shoe (also available in gold-leaf, 2011/2012) size: h. 30 x d. 19 x w.10 cm

Bringing it into an airplane is strictly forbidden. The exotic Durian, emperor of all fruits has hard spines and is only eaten by true dare-devils. When the fruit is cut open an overwhelming smell takes your breath away. It is an explosive experience not recommended for the faint of heart. But later your bravery is rewarded when you taste its soft creamy texture. It can't be compared to any other fruit. Asians believe that durian is an aphrodisiac, for some the same as wearing high heels.

When the durians fall, a saying goes, the sarongs go up.

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