Saturday, September 27, 2014


Teysha was founded in 2012 by Sophie Eckrich and Travis Breihan. Based in Austin, Texas the organization promotes and supports the work of indigenous artisans. Focusing on a handful of handmade styles, which range from $80 to $375, Teysha highlights the textile work by women in Guatemala and Latin America. The company work with the Mayan women in Guatemala and the Kuna women in Panema many in remote locations . All of their designs are rooted to their culture; their symbols and colors all have a specific meaning. Local shoe makers craft the footwear whilst being paid a fare wage. Included among the offered styles are sandals, smoking slippers, chukkas and riding boots. These are all fused with hand-woven textiles in vibrant colorways and various prints. The footwear is currently sold on Teysha's website, as well as through boutique-on-wheels the Styleliner.

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