Monday, November 10, 2014

Sock free and fashionable

More and more men are going sockless. The Miami Vice look is back from Oxfords to Vans, giving the resulting impression to all you are either be care-free and casual, or sophisticated and slightly daring. Going sans-socks is a no-no with business attire and formal wear, otherwise everything else is cushti. With no socks to share the spotlight shoes need to stand on their own. Almost any dress shoe is fair game, but sockless is good in the cheap and cheerful bracket too. The foot police do caution however if you are going sockless allow each pair a 24-48 hour resting period before slipping into them again. In the interim, use cedar shoe trees to help them properly dry out. Talc sprinkled sparingly over the foot or inside the shoe has a cooling effect and helps absorb moisture. If odour is an issue invest in a foot anti-perspirant or deodorant to stop any unsavoury smells. Alternatively choose deodorant insoles purchased at the pharmacy.

For those who wish to look trendy but feel going commando is a step too far try the low-cut invisible socks.

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