Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey: Smuggled toxic shoes from China cause health hazard

Shoes smuggled from China to Turkey seem to be the cause of health concerns after complaints were received someone suffered a rash and skin empurpling on her feet after wearing a pair of shoes. The lady noticed whenever it rained; the polish of her shoes ran and left her feet red. The resultant painful rash left her in hospital. The shoes are now being examined in laboratories and public authorities believe these are part of a batch smuggled into the country and later found to contain toxic chemicals. An estimated 25,510 pairs of shoes containing harmful chemicals were smuggled through Turley and according to customs officials carcinogenic chemicals were detected inside the polish of the 33,000 pairs of shoes. The confiscated shoes it would appear went missing while being taken to a disposal facility in the province of Kocaeli. The incident has angered consumer unions over negligence in the customs process. Authorities have warned against the purchase of cheap priced shoes in markets.

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