Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cross dressing and shoes

Cross Dressing Foot fetishists are not necessarily sexually motivated and may just enjoy wearing women's shoes (Wise et al 1991). Terms like feeling sexy, appearing attractive to others, and exuding power in stature are popular reasons for the habit. Some men love the sound high heeled shoes make and others revel in the different materials they are made from. Most wearers insist it is the comfort of the style which draws them to women's shoes and not the idea of the shoe as a sex toy. Wise et al, (1991) described clothing and other objects (fetish) as objects which could be used repeatedly and expediently without any relational costs or commitments.

Wise TN, Fagan PJ, Schmidt CW, Ponticas Y, Costa PY. 1991 Personality and sexual functioning of transvestitic fetishists and other paraphilics Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 179:11 694-698.

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