Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is there a difference between poor hygiene and fungal infection of the foot?

Perhaps one of the most bazaar websites on the World Wide Web was called Stinky Feet, but sadly this is no longer available. The authors detailed daily account of their deliberate attempt to establish a fungal infection between the toes. Apart from its absurdity, this experiment was conducted and recorded in reasonable order. I was especially interested in the starting point for the experiment which was to reverse of common foot health advice thought by professionals to prevent fungal infection of the foot. Needless to say in the 28-day experiment the lads were unable to infect the feet and instead created a macerated (or waterlogged) skin which might resemble an athlete's foot but not one infected with fungus. Today, poor hygiene is commonly associated with fungal infection but this experiment shows the two conditions are quite different.

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