Sunday, April 03, 2016

Ann Worley : New interchangeable heels collection

Ann Worley is 73 and has designed a patent-pending system which features clips that can be snapped on and off Lucite heels. This week she has launched an eponymous footwear collection featuring her customisable heels.

Changing up heels is not a new concept but Worley has taken a unique approach. Her patent-pending system features clips that can be snapped on and off permanent Lucite heels. Other designers have used assortment of heel styles and heights that can be removed and replaced.

Worley decided to embark on the project after being unable to find a pair of fashionable shoes on a low heel.

The Italian-made footwear collection includes sophisticated pumps to sandals and mules. Each pair is shipped with clips in the same leather color as the shoes. Additional clips can be purchased to further expand the wearing power of the same shoe. The clips come in a wide range of designs that include wood, Swarovski crystals and snakeskin, and they can fit any style of shoe in the line. The line is available on Ann Worley Ltd website and retails from $575 to $600. Clips range from $55 to $200.

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