Wednesday, April 06, 2016

International hand and foot fetish scam: Warning

According to Netsafe New Zealand, (an independent internet watchdog), there have been severalreports of New Zealand women being promised money to take pictures and videos of their hands and feet. Victims who fell for the scheme were promised between NZ$2000-9000, money which they never saw. Initially people were asked to send snaps of their hands and feet for an art project, but later requests became more specific. A number of victims were targeted through a national student job website. A Police spokesperson has confirmed this is particular scam differs from ordinary phishing scams that target individuals or businesses using information specific to the target victim to get money. This involves a legitimate site asking for photos without being clear about the intention or use of those photos. People are warned not to send personal information, personal details and or photographs to anyone you do not know without considering the risk that the images or information could be used for other purposes and could be posted online for others to see and share.

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