Sunday, April 03, 2016

Moses, Mods and Mr Fish: The Menswear Revolution

There is a new exhibition entitled Moses, Mods and Mr Fish: The Menswear Revolution is at the Jewish Museum , London looks at the careers of Jewish tailors such as Moses Moss and Ben Sherman and the way they influenced fashion and 20th century popular culture.

Moses, Mods and Mr Fish takes you on a journey from tailoring workshops to the boutique revolution and mod culture of the swinging ‘60s. The exhibition explores the changing male image and menswear revolution over a 150-year period; from the 19th century formal silhouette through to the post-war period when young men stopped dressing like their fathers, becoming detail-obsessed mods or flamboyant peacocks.

Discover more about menswear in the ‘60s; a time when swinging London was the most exciting fashion capital in the world. You can explore the emergence of the mod movement and the fashion revolution that made Carnaby Street famous.

See luxury clothes designed by Mr Fish, popular amongst young aristocrats and celebrities, including David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Also display are fashion, photography and memorabilia including John Lennon’s Cecil Gee suede jacket Moses, Mods and Mr Fish runs until 19th June 2016

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