Friday, May 13, 2016

Julia Roberts joins a barefoot protest ?: Cannes Film Festival

Julia Roberts is an A-list star makes a barefoot protest on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The policy of the festival mandates females wear heels on the red carpet. However, as has been highlighted elsewhere this is not the age to have an outdated sexist dress code and Julia made her point. Wearing an off-the-shoulder floor-length black Armani PrivĂ© gown that hid her feet, she mounted the stairs barefoot with an aid holding her designer shoes. Then to give a “#heelgate,” photo opportunity to the waiting paparazzi, she flashed her barefoot tootsies.

On Wednesday, Kristen Stewart, kicked off her Christian Louboutin heels after posing for photos and then strutted across a lawn barefoot.

Last year 50 women were refused entry to the screening of “Carol,” at Cannes because they were wearing flats.

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