Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shoeless children learn better

According to recent academic research from Centre for Excellence in Media Practice at Bournemouth University, schoolchildren who attend lessons wearing no shoes are more likely to obtain better grades and behave better than those who wear them. The study is based on observing and studying tens of thousands of children in over 100 schools in around 25 countries over the last ten years. Researchers found 'shoeless' children tend to arrive at school earlier, leave later and read more. After observing tens of thousands of children who leave their shoes outside the classroom they found pupils are more engaged in their lessons, which in turn leads to better academic attainment. For decades, children in northern Europe have learned with their shoes off because they are left at the school door arrival due to snow, ice or slush. Previous studies in Scandinavia have shown children learn better when they are relaxed. Their experience suggests children with no shoes in the classroom improves their learning capabilities because it makes them 'feel at home' and more relaxed when learning. Wearing no shoes also means the cleaning bill decreased by 27 per cent and schools need to spend less money on furniture because they do not need to buy a chair and a table for every child as they can sit on the floor.


Researchers found theft of shoes left outside the classroom was not a significant problem.

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