Friday, June 10, 2016

Adidas X Parley: A bit fishy

Environmentalists have long been warning about the amount of rubbish dumped into the sea, with massive island-sized mounds of plastic bottles and bags floating along at the behest of ocean currents. Parley for the Oceans works to collect disused fishing nets from coastal communities in the Maldives, recycling the plastic into a reusable product. They have teamed up with adidas to create a prototype pair of running shoes made from plastic rubbish recovered from the ocean.

The process involves deodourising the reclaimed plastic before grinding it down and spinning it into plastics thread that can be fashioned into a working shoe. It takes 16.5 recycled PET water bottles and 13g of the newly-spun recycled thread from the discarded nets to make the upper for the Adidas X Parley. Only 50 pairs of the Adidas X Parley have been produced, set to be offered as prizes in an online competition. adidas plans to incorporate the plastic thread into other lines of running shoes in the months and years to come.

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