Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Ashiari Yashiki - the Foot Washing Mansion on computer near you

In Japanese mythology, the Ashiarai Yashiki is a giant foot spirit that crashes through the roof and demands to be washed, otherwise the malevolent supernatural power will destroy you and your home. To save yourself, you need to clean the filthy foot. The Ashiarai Yashiki has bristling with hair, overgrown toenails, and came with a rotten stench which filled the house. Traditionally, Ashiarai Yashiki appeared in Ushimitsu time when even plants were asleep. This was a time ghosts, monsters, and (evil) spirits, were active and those of a mind could curse others. Now in the pipeline there is a computer game which shows Ashiarai Yashiki at work. Creators Troy Grooms, Matt Murphy, Alex Zako, and Julian Francis came up with Ashi Wash. Still in development the team plan to introduce Ashi Wash in the near future.

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