Friday, August 12, 2016

Cell Surin: Bruny Surin sues Puma

According to court filings from the province of Quebec. former Olympic sprinter Bruny Surin is suing Germany's Puma SE for the name of its "Cell Surin" brand of running shoes

Surin claimed the use of the word 'Surin' by Puma created a confusion that would leave consumers to think the sprinter was endorsing the Puma product.He is seeking C$90,000 ($68,576.65) for the unauthorized use of the name from the North American and Canadian divisions of the sportswear maker. He also asked the court to order Puma to stop promoting the "Cell Surin" line of clothing and shoes.

Bruny Surin sells his own line of sports clothing and runs a charitable foundation in Canada. The athlete helped Canada's relay team upset their American rivals to win the gold during the 1996 Atlanta games and is now a track and field commentator for a Canadian TV network at the Rio Olympics.

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