Monday, September 12, 2016

Mystery of the trixx?

"Trixx got me," was common badinage between Canadian comedians. Something that might pass unnoticed unless you were in on the in-joke. It refers to an open mystery that's hung over the Canadian stand-up scene for several years involving dozens of comics, and their feet. Things kicked off when established comedian, Frankie "Trixx" Agyemang, promised dozens of fellow comedians, TV roles, prizes, and personal favours in exchange for videos of their feet

Apparently newbie comic, Patrick Coppolino was promised a plum role in a new comedy provided he did an audition for Agvenmang over Skype. Nothing unusual there but Coppolino was asked to lie on his stomach facing away from his laptop, with his feet aimed toward the camera. The young comedian was also asked to do "toe snaps" (flicking his big toe back and forth against the one beside it) in front of the web camera. Coppolino waited for more info on the part, then a few days later he was asked to repeat the exercise because the original footage (no pun intended) was lost. By the fourth time, the naïve Coppolino realized something unusual was going on. Too intimidated to question Agyemang further he just put it down to an odd experience.

As time passed and the funnyman progressed in the business he soon learned he was not the only early-career comic to be asked to audition for a foot video for Trixx in the same circumstance. Seeing the funnier side of being duped, Coppolino started a Facebook thread full of unrepeatable feet jokes, and inviting others to come forward, and share what happened to them.

Eventually Frankie "Trixx" Agyemang after trying to dismiss his actions as a prank admitted it was a ruse to appease his foot fetish. To his credit, Trixx through support of his friends, comics, and even a few comics that were manipulated, lied to and tricked by him, have helped the comedian accept his fetish. He recently released a comedy album titled Undefeated .

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