Saturday, October 01, 2016

Leutwyler 's Document : Book and Exhibition

Henry Leutwyler is a photographer based in New York compiled a collection of photographs depicting seemingly mundane items once owned by famous people. From a 12 years collection he has presented them in a new book, Document (Steidl).

From Mahatma Gandhi’s sandals to Bob Dylan’s Hohner harmonica, James Dean’s wallet and well beyond each image represents, intimate, anthropological portraits of their original owners. Isolated from their contexts and who once possessed them, the artifacts, imperfect and unrestored, powerfully evoke traces of personalities, and the collective memory. According the author, Document was never intended to be a study of shoes but with many featured in the collection of over 124 photographs it reinforces the need to walk in another’s’ shoes.

Shoe images include Michael Jackson’s studded shoe with his initials written under one of the soles, Gene Kelly’s beaten up yellow Converse, Sylvie Guillem’s ballet slippers and the “zig-zag” shoes of Theodore Kaczynski, (aka the Unabomber).

A show opening November 3 at New York’s Foley Gallery >the Foley Gallery , New York will feature many of the same images along with several not included in the volume.

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