Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gentleman’s Radiance: Chocolate Shoes

“Gentleman’s Radiance” is a chocolate line created by master chocolatier, Motohiro Okai of Rihga Royal Hotel’s L’éclat, chocolate boutique , in Osaka, Japan. Each leather shoe measures 26 centimeters (10.2 inches) in length, and is crafted exclusively from chocolate, including perfectly replicated seams, insoles and shoelaces. Each pair comes in a set that includes some impressive shoe care accessories, in the form of a shiny shoehorn made from chocolate, along with a tub of “shoe cream” containing round discs of tempered chocolate.

The shoes come with subtle differences in shades of “leather”, with dark, light and red-brown colours available in a realistic shiny finish. The price tag on these edible shoes is on par with a real pair of quality shoes, retailing for 29,160 yen (US$258.45) each.

Motohiro Okai will create nine pairs for Valentine’s Day 2017, and are available via prior reservation.

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