Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Foot orgasm syndrome

Foot orgasm syndrome (FOS) is a rare condition in which the patient may experience sensations similar to those experienced during sexual activity on stimulating the foot. It was first documented in a 55-year old woman from the Netherlands. The woman reported several orgasms a day triggered from the left foot, without being sexually aroused and started to experience the syndrome 18 months after an intensive care emergency. After extensive tests and injecting the anaesthesia into the left S1 dorsal root ganglion that receives sensory information from the foot, doctors were able to cure the patient of her embarrassing problem. The footgasm case is published in the medical journal, Journal of Sexual Medicine.

No one is exactly sure why these neural reflexes arise but some experts suggest the peri-orgasmic phenomena, arose 18 months after an intensive care emergency. Subsequent axonotmesis or partial nerve regeneration combined with afferent (C-fibre) information from a small re-innervated skin area of the left foot and afferent somatic and autonomous (visceral) information from the vagina on at least S1 spinal level was misinterpreted by the brain as coming from the genitals only. The sensory nerves of the foot and the genitalia enter the spinal cord at the same level. Neural print through may account why sometimes the brain misinterprets this information.

A recent published study of the human orgasm demonstrates a core set of physiologic and psychological symptoms experienced by most individuals. Within the range of behaviours there were some unusual physical and psychological symptoms (or peri-orgasmic phenomena) experienced by some individuals in association with orgasm. These phenomena are rare and documentation in the medical literature is largely confined to case studies.

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