Saturday, May 26, 2018

Drysure Active Shoe Dryer

The Drysure Active Shoe Dryer is a simple non-electrical device designed to dry out all types of footwear. According to the manufacturer, in four to six hours, the Drysure Active Shoe Dryer is 12 times more effective than letting shoes air dry.

Electric shoe dryers produce heat as part of the drying process and this can damage of the shoes but Drysure does not use heat or electricity. The manufacturer’s claims also include reduction of microorganosms like bacteria and fungal growth in the footwear whilst using their product. Drysure's are reusable and with proper care and storage can last years. The silica beads can be re-activated by removing the inner sacs from the outer plastic shells and placing the sacs in direct sunlight or in your oven at 100°C (212°F) and at 'Fan Assisted Oven' setting. The product is recommended foe sportshoes and other outdoor footwear.

(Video Courtesy: Youtube Channel)

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