Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Georg Wessels: Shoemaker to giants

Venezuela man, Jeison Rodriguez, is 22, and lives with acromegaly, a disorder that results in an excess growth hormone due to a benign tumour. The diabetic has the largest feet on Earth, and at size 32, holds the Guinness World Record. The 7-foot 3 inches tall man with feet that measure 1-foot 3.8 inches on the right; and 1-foot 3.6 inches on the left has a major problem getting shoes to fit him.

That was until he met German cobbler Georg Wessels, who specialises in making shoes for those big feet. For the last six years, Greorg Wessels has made and sent special orthopaedic shoes to Rodriguez in Venezuela for free.

(Video Courtesy: Travis Youtube Channel)

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