Saturday, June 09, 2018

Smelly Feet: The footsie index

Sheffield was recently named as foot odour capital of the UK, with almost quarter of the population reporting they suffer from stinky feet. A survey commissioned by Odor-Eaters investigated the nation's foot hygiene and researchers polled 2,000 people. They discovered Sheffield topped the poll (23%) ahead of Leicester (19%), Nottingham (18%) and Leeds (17%). Overall, more than one in ten citizens admitted suffering foul smelling feet. The vast majority had experienced embarrassment when a friend or stranger had complained about their foot odour.

Approximately one fifth of those poll, acknowledged their foot condition had adversely affected their love life, while a further 19 percent said their working life had been made difficult by the problem of their smelly feet. The study revealed over a quarter of the poll knew someone who made their place of work unpleasant with their cheesy feet, but just over half (51%) said they would not directly confront them. One in five (19 percent) said they are genuinely paranoid about their own foot odour and 63 percent of those polled said the hot weather in summer made their foot problem worse. Many had tried disinfectants and deodorants with little success. Less than half of the survey population (43%) had to regularly throw out their shoes because the smell was so bad.

Almost nine out of ten (87 percent) people polled agreed men were more likely to suffer from the embarrassing ailment that women. Over half (57 percent) said footwear was the likely cause of foot odour citing trainers, shoes worn without socks, slippers and wellingtons. A third of the poll (34 percent) said sport was the most likely cause of cheesy feet syndrome with running being the worst culprit.

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