Friday, May 29, 2020

Big foot and shoe fitting

If you are a woman with larger than average feet, chances are, you have experienced shoe stress. With fewer shopping options, the shelves designated for outsized footwear are not exactly brimming with pedic treats. Small consolation but you may share the pied gross image with film stars like Melanie Griffith, Elizabeth Taylor and even Big Foot herself, Greta Garbo. All these fashionistas however have the wherewithal to employ their personal shoemakers to overtake the challenge. Many women less affluent are faced with the ultimate humiliation of wearing men's shoes, just because there are no alternatives. No problem you might think whilst unisex styles are fashionable but why should women with big feet be singled out at all.

Although there are specialists who supply shoes for the larger foot these are more expensive and often have a narrower range of fashionable options. Women with small feet at least seem to have the consolation of children’s shoes which, from a fashion perspective, are difficult to tell from adult styles.

Most stores refuse to carry stocks of larger sizes even when they are available from the manufacturer in fear they will not be able to sell them within the season. With only an estimated 5% of women wearing size ten or above it does not make good economic sense to cater for these minorities say the shopping mall retailers. Recent studies have shown there is a shift within population and because we eat a better balanced diet both men and women are getting taller and their feet are getting bigger. Calls to the shoe industry to wake up and meet the demands of these physical changes are falling on deaf ears.

Another complication which besets the pedic innocent is when people have odd sized feet. Body asymmetry is a common occurrence but usually the differences are so small as to make no difference when buying clothes and footwear. However, for some this can be very irritating with many having considerable size difference from one foot to another. Once again the shoe industry fails to acknowledge this and refuse to match shoes to customers' foot size.

Reviewed 29/05/2020

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