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Green Suede Shoes: That'll be the day

One of his many hits and popular evergreens was “Peggy Sue” the later “Peggy Sue got married”. The song lyrics relate not to a girlfriend of Buddy but that of Jerry Alison a member of the Crickets. A country girl, they were childhood sweethearts and married early much to the consternation of Buddy.

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Then for a pop star to be married had less appeal to the young teenagers. Attractive Peggy Sue did lack the sophistication of the city crowd surrounding the Holly cortège, so her husband was told to gear her up. Peggy Sue bought a pencil tight skirt and fashionable high heels. Later that night she dined with Buddy and Phil Everly, her hero, and respective partners before attending a film premier. Poor Peggy Sue could not negotiate the tight skirt and stumbled over her heels as she emerged from their chauffer driven limo. On the way from the car and in a blaze of Paparazzi, one of her heels lodged in the subway gate and snapped off. Poor Peggy Sue fell her full self in front of the glitzy New York crowd. Buddy, knight in shining armour, came to her aid. He convinced her to jettison the steels and walk the short distance with him barefoot, to the theatre .

Buddy Holly came to Australia and landed in Sydney on January 30, 1958. The tour had Jerry Lee Lewis and Paul Anka. Jerry Lee Lewis offended Australian fans when he accused them of being so dumb when inebriated as to not be able to tell the difference between 'piss and beer.' To illustrate the point he urinated into a beer bottle in a Brisbane bar, and put it in front of a patron. After a few sips the ocker was quick to recognise it was not his usual brew.

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In a Melbourne interview, Buddy Holly was asked to comment on Australia's Johnnie O’Keefe’s version of Jesse Hill’s “ Oop Poop A Doo.” The Texas star drolly replied “Pretty horrible.” Unbeknown to the Texan, Johnnie was present in the studio at the time but dismissed the put down as “(Buddy) you’re hysterical.” O’Keefe was fan of the be Spectacled Lubbock star. Sadly Holly’s life was cut short along with the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens in a plane crash on February 3, 1959.

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Many acknowledge Buddy Holly with being the most influential pop musician of the 20th Century. Now. these are big shoes to fill, blue suede or otherwise.

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Buddy Holly wore green suede shoes.

Reference Amburn E 1995 Buddy Holly: A biography NY: St Martin’s Press

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