Thursday, February 27, 2020

All day I dream about sex

When Run DMC were asked to write a song extolling the virtues of their favourite sneaker brand the result was the Top Five R&B record, "My Adidas", a dream come true. The crew made a fashion statement by wearing their Adidas sneakers with no laces, trench coats and big jewellery, which set the stage for sartorial rap and Hip-Hop. Run-DMC became the envy of all by being given their own line of Adidas sneakers.

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Too good an opportunity to miss, 'KoЯn' in the 90s, released "All Day I Dream About Sex.". This had nothing to do with the sportswear company or selling shoes, according to the band’s management. “In your dreams “, and in 1998, the band signed a six-figure deal to promote Puma shoes. Hard-core fans had their dreams shattered and saw this as blatant commercialisation with the band turning their back on Adidas.

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Originally Adidas and Puma were one of the same company before they split but that is another rap. Now artist J C Chasez has his version of "All day I dream about sex”, maybe if his dreams come true he will get a shoe contract, too.

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