Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Reading Feet: Divination of the Sole

No one ever feels neutral about their feet and any enquiry, no matter how cursory, meets with a life story. To the trained observer feet can open a window to the soul. Well that is what Jane Sheehan the UK's leading Foot Reader and author of 'Let's Read Our Feet!' and 'The Foot Reading Coach,' thinks. Sheehan is a successful reflexologist and promotes foot reading as part of her therapy treatments.

In ‘Let's read our feet!’ the author introduces the reader to the fascinating secrets of the feet (corns, calluses and warts et al.) and what they say about your emotions and personality. Known as foot reading the approach is now being adapted into alternative therapy.

In “The Foot Reading Coach” she shares her perspectives to help others understand their feet better and help with personal development. Jane Sheehan offers foot-reading parties and will read your feet if you send her a photograph of your plates of meat.

The mysteries of the metatarsals have long held fascination. Sole divination or solestry held great interest to the ancient Chinese and at least one Emperor commissioned a massive collection of encyclopaedia which consisted of 5,020 volumes. Donna Sozio is a soleogist and in her book Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers: What His Shoes Really Say About His True Love Potential shares her insights on the psychosocial/psychosexual aspects of shoe design to help women read better men’s personality. As Dr. Sole, she used to answer questions in her weekly web column Ask Dr. Sole .

Imre Somogyi was the president of the Foundation for Fundamental Dactylogical Reading (FuDaRe) and held the belief the shape and position of toes said much about a person’s personality. In 1991, he wrote “Reading Toes” which forms a guide to the analysis of personality and behaviour by reading toe shapes and positions. According to Somogyi, reading toes also helps detect physical blockages and energy patterns.

Imre Somogyi also co-authored “Reading Baby Toes: What Your Baby’s Toes Know That You Don’t ,” with his wife Margriet and in the book they apply toe reading to children.

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Reviewed 27/11/2019

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